We can not fault Mrs. Malkin on her astuteness in dealing with the average everyday(sometimes called the elite) media. The basic problem she has( and rightly complains about) is that not many interviewer read her book. Or for that matter any of her books.

Why?  Why only the conservatives? The Culture of Corruption is on the non-fiction best seller list and not one regular(elite, if you like) blog or newspaper, or cable network, other than FOX, has taken the lead and reviewed her new book. Oh, a few comments snip at her heels.

I am sure it is not because of her inability to do research effectively. Much like the racially disturbing book she wrote on the Japanese Interment Camps, which was not only a poor attempt to rewrite history

Whose the Joker here?

Whose the Joker here?

but also a best seller marketing tool. Mrs. Malkin never bothered with an eye of objectivity, meaning she used innuendo based mostly on Operation Magic: decyphered messages intercepted by the United States Government.

 The irony? And the justification? They were so secret, only a handful people knew what they contained. But what they ultimately contained was little or no evidence that any Japanese were involved in spying on America. Further, look at it this way: why put children in these camps? And then why the wide spread hate of the Japanese? Why not the Germans Americans? The Italians Americans? She never seemed to have done enough research to tell her audience that many governors of western States did not want these “rats” and they had no knowledge of these “secret” decryption, which by the way are pretty much silent on who or which (Japanese) were spying on America. And why not review the role of Gen. Dewitt? Who proclaimed a “Jap was a Jap.” And this from the commander of these internment camps? Nice.

 Or is the it more visceral? Liberal news watchers find her offending? Did she use Asian Americans to make a Best seller? Some of those scummy little liberals might say. Why on Earth do you want someone like that on your show? And , as some liberals think that she has made a bestseller out of her new book by making Michelle Obama her little whore?

 Thus Japanese Americans, Michelle Obama become selling points for her book rather then actually doing research. Look how Mathews of Hardball who had her on the show where she tried to assort that Sen. Kerry actually shot himself during the Vietnam War, according to her “sources”. This, ultimately, she could not prove, hence her almost crying fit at the end of the interview.

 It would be simple to say she hates colored people(having said racial background, then getting married to Jesse Malkin and suddenly then disavowing her racial background).That by having and gaining a white man as her husband she as gain the goal of many greedy people(male or female), and not only becoming monetarily successful but racially exorcised.

 Or is it fear? Do some fear actually taking her on? A child of the eighties. What I mean is: she and her (according to some sources, co-author of all her books, Jesse Malkin)took on the PC, political correctness, of the of ’80s campuses and saw a gold mine that keeps on giving. And still gives today. Using the PC of the ’80s which did exist I am sorry to say, because some still use it as an excuse even now to bash other people, as a sort of reverse victimization of all the angry conservative white people. Who can stand up against such a former Asian, who, in fact, says she is only “American” not “Asian?”

And slanders Japanese Americans, immigrants, and strangely with a degree of paranoia that can only appropriated by right wing kkk members, Rachael Ray. And only reason she can do this is because she does look Asian.

Hence the paradox, and the reason she knows(as well as her husband Jesse, who by now is clearly seen as her pimp), that anything she says about either Asians, Mexicans, Rachel Ray, will not really make her look like a racist or as she put it concerning President Obama, “racial opportunist.” Hiding, not hiding behind the color of her skin makes liberals either shake their heads or take some pot (like conservatives all now liberals do!). Now we come to Michelle Obama, which Mrs. Malkin uses as a way to make another best seller.

Why does she hate successful black women?

Is it because Mrs. Malkin, knowing in her heart of hearts that she is white, it is deeply offended to hear a black women criticize the white people that were keeping her down. Implying that in Chicago in the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s there was no racism, and being black and a woman during that time had nothing to do with it, because Mrs. Malkin knows being white woman, that argument does not work because that would imply racism actually existed, not only in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s but in the time of the Japanese Internment Camps.

This is the obvious question after reading Culture of Corruption. It is not much finding evidence that the Obama Administration has done wrong. But rather that because of past alleged cronyism, they will continue what they began in Chicago. Not based on facts, mind you, but on the rhetoric. That “you have to judge them by their rhetoric, and if you look at the gap between the rhetoric and the reality, this has to be one of the most corrupt administrations in recent memory.” Basing corruption on rhetoric? And not facts? What kind of fact checking is that?  However, Mrs. Malkin sinks in deep and tells us that is exactly what will happen. That the America we all love(that is white Americans loved pre-1980’s PC generation of bleeding heart empathizers)will be crushed by these uppity black people that just shuffled dirt and money into their coffers, and will continue to do so while bringing in more poor immigrants from Latin America and Africa and thus ridding America of Americans.

Or is it systemic of something deeper? Pandering to the right is easier(and makes the traffic to her site more palatable)then looking at Michelle Obama with a objective eye. In the eyes of all those white faces that read her blogs, saying that Michelle Obama did not raise her self up, but instead was lifted by white men, despite her own hard work, appeals to a base that think that people of color are just too snippy about how whitey treated minorities. Again, if Michelle Malkin was a real white person which she pretends not to be, then she would be seen as a racist.

 Michelle Malkin, secretly white, but uses her own race to hide that fact she makes money off all the angry white hate out there?

 That is the wonder of America, she can say the President is a racial “opportunist” and while others can call her a hypocrite that uses race to make money or make her husband- pimp, happy.

 It’s the reason we should always support her views, because in the end, truth is out there(somewhen) And using the “B” word to describe her is just lowering one self. Personally, if I wanted to make money in this blog, I would try for subtlety. Instead of using the “B” word as some people do, say that she is “secretly white” so her husband-pimp will always love her. It’s funnier and not as nasty as some Liberals who can’t control their English. Shame on you, Liberals! Get to the most common denominator: She doesn’t want to be white, she just thinks she is white.

 It is the wonder and the blessing of America. We can be anything we want, even if we don’t look a certain color, we can damn well act like we are that color!




  1. johnrj08 says:

    Michelle Malkin is nothing more than a brunette version of Anne Coulter. The scare tactics being used by Michelle Malkin and those who are against health care reform are shameful. She and her soul-mate, Sarah Palin, are blatant liars who routinely pick up on every rumor there is about the bills in Congress, never bothering to get the real facts about any of them and conveniently ignoring key passages which don’t suit their opportunistic agendas.

    These people are so angry that the country has a black president that they are willing to say just about anything, no matter how false, to get the rubes and cornpones up in arms. Before anybody listens to a word any of these people has to say about any subject, especially health care reform, they should visit PolitiFact.com or FactCheck.org. There, they will see how many “Pants-On-Fire” awards these so-called pundits have been awarded for telling outright lies that have been designed to incite uninformed, gullible people.

    The fact is, the status quo of medical care in this country is unacceptable. The United States is now 37th in the world in health care quality, despite spending nearly twice as much on it than the next largest spender. It’s even lower on the list in life expectancy. Slovenia has a better health care system that we do. Health care costs are spiraling higher, while wages remain stagnant, and insurance companies, who are funding people like Palin and Malkin, make billions in profits each year.

    The flip side is that millions of hard-working Americans will go bankrupt every year because they couldn’t afford medical coverage. Nearly 50 million people in this country do not have medical insurance. Just whom do these people think pays for the care these people receive when they visit an emergency room? The Tooth Fairy? Who picks up the tab when people go bankrupt? The Easter Bunny?

    The fact is, the more people who are covered by medical insurance, the more people are paying premiums. The more people who are paying premiums means lower premiums for everybody because of the enlarged pool being covered. When the government offers the “public option”, it will provide an incentive to insurance companies to be more competitive and reduce costs. That is capitalism at work, not socialism.

    Right now, we have a form of corporate socialism, which dictates which doctors you can see and which conditions can be treated. Insurance companies already have their own “death panels”, which are administered by non-physician actuaries. Under the reform bills now being considered, no doctor, nurse, technician or therapist would be on the government payroll, and no citizen would be told which doctor to use.

    The morons who are against health care reform are either blithering idiots or ideological zombies who can’t stand the idea of this administration succeeding at anything, even when it could benefit them. Politics of the self-destructive. But don’t take my word for it. Visit PolitiFact.com. This is a non-partisan, Pulitzer prize-winning website that separates fact from rumor. People who aren’t afraid of the truth go there.

  2. youdontownamerica says:

    At the end of the day she is not white. This hatred that is oozing from Republicans is dividing the country instead of uniting us. I’m a Democrat that usually vote for the best candidate despite party affiliation. I will no longer do this I will only vote Democrat now.

    • gagasphere says:

      You know you are right. Malkin is not white, and you are also right that this hate divides us and i have used the language they use. And it seems sad that you have actually say they you can longer vote for the Republicans. Sad, because I know it hasn’t always been this divisive. Thanks for the comment.

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