Michelle Malkin: Michelle Obama isn’t white enough for this blogger.

August 25, 2009
Obama children, as invisioned by Michelle Malkin.

Obama children, as invisioned by Michelle Malkin.

How a pair of shorts makes Michelle Obama "Fair game."
How a pair of shorts makes Michelle Obama “Fair game.”

A while ago, our lady of ethnic provilers, decided to go after Michelle Obama’s shorts. How is this an issue? In fact, it isn’t. It’s good old fashion mockery:

Hint about the sort of  mockery Malkin practises: It is more then trying to make fun of someone. It’s about ridiculing and demeaning someone you don’t like or respect. Sort of frat jealousy. The sort of mockery that goes on when one woman dislikes the way another may dress? Yes, pretty much that level of thought.

Why this concentration on Michelle Obama? Why? Because Mrs. Malkin knows the libs hate it: and her army of Malkinbots, love her for it. It keeps Mrs. Malkin’s audience fed, and keeps the audience coming in. Yes, as I said before, it’s the money!

However, the is another reason for this:

There is a sense that a lot of Conservatives are finding it difficult to hit at President Obama directly.  What better then going after the first lady that has been accused, with out any direct evidence, of any wrong doing.

What next: if you can sort of channel Mrs. Malkin’s mind. What would the Malkinbots like next.? Go after the Obama kids? After Schip , do not put it past the sensitive mind of  Michelle Malkin. She rationalised going after a  12 year old, because the democrats used this same  12 year old during a radio address.  So it makes it alright? Of course it does, the Malkinbots have to be fed, as I stated before.

One can see how libs despise Mrs. Malkin. Her comments and those commentors on Michelle Obama’s fashion sense is not only bizarre, this blogger tries to rationalize her thinking. Of the 134 comments made, I noticed one commenter actually raised the specter of common sense, saying that critiqueing Obama on her way of dress and not sticking the policy problems of the Obama administration, is, maybe, not cool. However, yet, just when I thought reason seem to seep into this site, one commentor wrote in response:

“You’re right in some aspect. We delve too easily into cheap comments about her figure or looks,(guilty) but, comments regarding her slovenly appearance with regards to the degradation of the White house or the Presidency, I think are fair game.”

Translation: So according to the way I was raised(rich and white)  I think Michelle Obama should dress like every first lady. And since  all of them were white, She better get off her black high horse and look like all the other first ladies.

The fact that this commentor uses the word “slovenly”  makes one wonder  what kind of rules Mrs. Malkinand her malkinbots thinks the First Lady should abide by.  Their own?

 And somehow she ties this one none issue to  money hungry husband ghost- written book, Culture of Corruption. There is nothing that Michelle Obama could do to make it right.(sorry about the pun)

If Michelle Obama had to walk a tight rope everyday, Malkin would remark: “why can’t the first lady walk in a straight line?”  I am just waiting for Mrs. Malkin to talk about the Obama children. Maybe they should wear burkas? But wow, what that would to Malkin? It would be a field day for every racist that goes to her site.

Maybe, if Mrs. Malkin has such a hard on about internment camps, we ought to put all those silly black people wearing shorts in camps until they can prove they are loyal pants wearing Americans.  Good observation Mrs. Malkin. I am sure that Goebbels  is smiling in grave knowing that his propaganda against non-Christians non-whites continues under you. You go Asian ethnic denier, you go!!!