Michelle Malkin’s Race Card: Hypocrisy At Its Finest


Michelle Malkin proudly displaying her Race Card

Michelle Malkin proudly displaying her Race Card

Close up of her conservative issued(?) Race Card.

Close up of her conservative issued(?) Race Card.

The only time you will ever see Mrs. Malkin use her own race card. It’s when criticized for being a racist. duh!

Why Mrs. Malkin’s Race Card works: here is an ancient post in 2002, by Paul Fallavollita:

Malkin elicits support from many sectors of the Right because Whites feel as though her friendly presence “lets them off the hook.” They tell themselves, “Thank God she’s out there saying what needs to be said about the immigration problem, so now we can let her do the work and just point to her as a Filipina in our defense when the liberals whip out the race card on us.” Whites are using Malkin to absolve themselves of their natural responsibility to fight their own battles, and to salve their consciences at the same time. They need not feel embarrassed by their cowardice as long as Malkin is there on the beat. What a spectacle, though—a transplanted Filipina pulling America’s chestnuts out of the fire.

This predates  Mrs. Malkin’s poorly researched and revisionist book on internment camps.

Her objective book, Unhinged in 2005, showed that she had, indeed,  a softer side(for herself).  Complaining that the racism was aimed at her(and of course,  rationalized her own treatment of other people) In one chapter called “You are one sick gook.” And talking as a lib, I can only say that it’s disappointing that such talk comes out of the lefts’ mouth. But, equally you will also hear such talk from the right(you won’t hear that from Mrs. Malkin? not as long as she as her white man by her side, anyway) Is this her race card? You bet.  And she will use it over and over and over, etc.


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