Why We Would Love To Love Michelle Malkin: Even Liberals.

September 23, 2009
Admit it Libs you like this woman!

Admit it Libs you like this woman!


I must admit that my girlfriend is a Filipina. I freely give that information to you. She beautiful, polite and kind.

Which makes the idea of the whole concept of  the Filipina American Michelle Malkin so puzzling, and to many moderate liberals that truly want to be inclusive. This woman makes it too difficult. She destroys public discourse by ridiculing and snipping at the heals others. She assumed what was in President Obama’s speech to the nations children, without knowing the contents of that speech. And that is just one case of many.  It is so hard for libs to understand her thinking. Especially men. They look at her, and Damn, she is so sweet looking, but once that mouth opens, real objectivity loses out. We all lose.

She is gorgeous, smart and  I sometimes admiring her, then sometimes wondering if she is being coached by Satan himself. Yet, what is more important is that other more moderate or lesser dangerous  thinking people can look at her without cringing. Case in point: Howard Kurtz’s Ode to the hoty Michelle Malkin and Lloyd Grove’s softball telephone interview(Malkin’s having been threaten so much because of her inane and poor research and so finds it too scary to go out sometimes.) Both season news men, yet they softly go through the questions, and nothing other than a “Look, how cute and smart and rich she is” is really obtained from both interviews. Although it sounds like I am being mocking. Not on your life! I am proud that people, these two men, in fact, could even do such a thing in the present climate of hate left, hate right.  They represent something Mrs. Malkin could never be accused of: objective(well, mildly) journalism.


Michelle Malkin Blames Obama For Islam

August 30, 2009


"Islam in America? Over my dead body!"

"Islam in America? Over my dead body!"

A few months ago, our queen of fear the Muslims posted this column at townhall. Here is a snippet:

America faces an ongoing Islamic jihad at home and abroad. Not merely “man-caused.” But Koran-inspired. Yet, Obama refuses to spell out the centuries-old roots of the war that he claims he’ll win faster, better and cleaner than any of his predecessors.

Note to self: weird right wing language logic:  since most jihads are made by “man” why even use the word  “caused”? Is there a implication that some people think that Katrina caused the new Jihad??? or something. Since the Koran was written by “man” . . .oh forget it, I am already confused.

Note to self: still waiting for the “islamic Jihad” here in America. MMM I am still Waiting!!!

Another source, but which is yet to be confirmed, says that when Michelle Malkin  learned that Hosni Mubarak would be visiting the White House August 19, she grew angry, and the source which apparently came from  someone that over heard a cell phone conversation of someone else saying at a local bar in a seedy side of Hollywood, Florida. That. . .”Islam is all Obama’s fault.”  And accused his wife, Michelle Obama, not only of being a crony, but also of not dressing like a Real first lady, and that the first lady is ” helping her husband promote Islam.” All of this can not yet be confirmed but boy does that sound like Michelle Malkin.

Michelle Malkin’s Race Card: Hypocrisy At Its Finest

August 28, 2009


Michelle Malkin proudly displaying her Race Card

Michelle Malkin proudly displaying her Race Card

Close up of her conservative issued(?) Race Card.

Close up of her conservative issued(?) Race Card.

The only time you will ever see Mrs. Malkin use her own race card. It’s when criticized for being a racist. duh!

Why Mrs. Malkin’s Race Card works: here is an ancient post in 2002, by Paul Fallavollita:

Malkin elicits support from many sectors of the Right because Whites feel as though her friendly presence “lets them off the hook.” They tell themselves, “Thank God she’s out there saying what needs to be said about the immigration problem, so now we can let her do the work and just point to her as a Filipina in our defense when the liberals whip out the race card on us.” Whites are using Malkin to absolve themselves of their natural responsibility to fight their own battles, and to salve their consciences at the same time. They need not feel embarrassed by their cowardice as long as Malkin is there on the beat. What a spectacle, though—a transplanted Filipina pulling America’s chestnuts out of the fire.

This predates  Mrs. Malkin’s poorly researched and revisionist book on internment camps.

Her objective book, Unhinged in 2005, showed that she had, indeed,  a softer side(for herself).  Complaining that the racism was aimed at her(and of course,  rationalized her own treatment of other people) In one chapter called “You are one sick gook.” And talking as a lib, I can only say that it’s disappointing that such talk comes out of the lefts’ mouth. But, equally you will also hear such talk from the right(you won’t hear that from Mrs. Malkin? not as long as she as her white man by her side, anyway) Is this her race card? You bet.  And she will use it over and over and over, etc.

Michelle Malkin: Michelle Obama isn’t white enough for this blogger.

August 25, 2009
Obama children, as invisioned by Michelle Malkin.

Obama children, as invisioned by Michelle Malkin.

How a pair of shorts makes Michelle Obama "Fair game."
How a pair of shorts makes Michelle Obama “Fair game.”

A while ago, our lady of ethnic provilers, decided to go after Michelle Obama’s shorts. How is this an issue? In fact, it isn’t. It’s good old fashion mockery:

Hint about the sort of  mockery Malkin practises: It is more then trying to make fun of someone. It’s about ridiculing and demeaning someone you don’t like or respect. Sort of frat jealousy. The sort of mockery that goes on when one woman dislikes the way another may dress? Yes, pretty much that level of thought.

Why this concentration on Michelle Obama? Why? Because Mrs. Malkin knows the libs hate it: and her army of Malkinbots, love her for it. It keeps Mrs. Malkin’s audience fed, and keeps the audience coming in. Yes, as I said before, it’s the money!

However, the is another reason for this:

There is a sense that a lot of Conservatives are finding it difficult to hit at President Obama directly.  What better then going after the first lady that has been accused, with out any direct evidence, of any wrong doing.

What next: if you can sort of channel Mrs. Malkin’s mind. What would the Malkinbots like next.? Go after the Obama kids? After Schip , do not put it past the sensitive mind of  Michelle Malkin. She rationalised going after a  12 year old, because the democrats used this same  12 year old during a radio address.  So it makes it alright? Of course it does, the Malkinbots have to be fed, as I stated before.

One can see how libs despise Mrs. Malkin. Her comments and those commentors on Michelle Obama’s fashion sense is not only bizarre, this blogger tries to rationalize her thinking. Of the 134 comments made, I noticed one commenter actually raised the specter of common sense, saying that critiqueing Obama on her way of dress and not sticking the policy problems of the Obama administration, is, maybe, not cool. However, yet, just when I thought reason seem to seep into this site, one commentor wrote in response:

“You’re right in some aspect. We delve too easily into cheap comments about her figure or looks,(guilty) but, comments regarding her slovenly appearance with regards to the degradation of the White house or the Presidency, I think are fair game.”

Translation: So according to the way I was raised(rich and white)  I think Michelle Obama should dress like every first lady. And since  all of them were white, She better get off her black high horse and look like all the other first ladies.

The fact that this commentor uses the word “slovenly”  makes one wonder  what kind of rules Mrs. Malkinand her malkinbots thinks the First Lady should abide by.  Their own?

 And somehow she ties this one none issue to  money hungry husband ghost- written book, Culture of Corruption. There is nothing that Michelle Obama could do to make it right.(sorry about the pun)

If Michelle Obama had to walk a tight rope everyday, Malkin would remark: “why can’t the first lady walk in a straight line?”  I am just waiting for Mrs. Malkin to talk about the Obama children. Maybe they should wear burkas? But wow, what that would to Malkin? It would be a field day for every racist that goes to her site.

Maybe, if Mrs. Malkin has such a hard on about internment camps, we ought to put all those silly black people wearing shorts in camps until they can prove they are loyal pants wearing Americans.  Good observation Mrs. Malkin. I am sure that Goebbels  is smiling in grave knowing that his propaganda against non-Christians non-whites continues under you. You go Asian ethnic denier, you go!!!


August 19, 2009
M v.s M? or Is it just in Malkin's $$$ mind?

M v.s M? or Is it just in Malkin's $$$ mind?

The First Lady of  Half-Truths, Michelle Malkin, is at it again. Selling her book is a job that is never done!!! 

She “reports” on her blog that Michelle Obama has caught the eye of  the Washington Republicans and that [they]  are “taking a renewed interests in the role Mrs. O and her Chicago crony friends.”

 Quick translation: I don’t have any real “sources” to prove that Michelle Obama is corrupt or was involved in “dumping” of patients in her last career, but if the National Spectator says it’s true, then you know it must be.

Mrs. Malkin, however, always treading between “could of been a very good Journalist” and that of a incompetent commentator obsessed with making large amounts of cash, facts be damned! did sight the Washington Post, perhaps blinded by the kid gloves that they often treat her with. This report  is actually a more balanced and thoughtful story then you would ever get from someone only interested in politics as a monetary source of income.

What they did report is much different. That the Urban Health Initiative that Michelle Obama helped launch, is not quite working well. Ya, ok, it sucks? Maybe. The report in the Washington Post, and if Mrs. Malkin was paying attention, states “Those involved in the effort in Chicago say that they are hopeful but that it is too soon to judge its success.”

No where in the report do you hear the word “crony”.

So the First Lady Of Half-Truths is after Michelle Obama, why?

Does Mrs Malkin, who has stated that she is an American, not Asian, hates her, No. But her readers do. A black First Lady. My God!

It must be the continued ire of those bent on believing black people want to  “get back at whitey.” And are not proud of this country until a black president was elected. I am sure Michelle Malkin knows exactly how to feed the rabid mouth of Michelle Obama haters.

Also, in her Blog, she makes the Michelle V.S Michelle claim. Or really?

Another Quick translation:  Can you see Michelle Obama, frowning then crinkle her nose, and say in a puzzled way, “Malkin who?” Damn you First Lady for totally ignoring me. I got to make money off you!!!

Go Gett”em Mrs. Malkin: go make money of the half-truths of Michelle Obama.  It’s never a disgrace to be a bottom feeder: anyway you can make money legally in this country, then even bottom feeders have a right to write.


August 17, 2009

We can not fault Mrs. Malkin on her astuteness in dealing with the average everyday(sometimes called the elite) media. The basic problem she has( and rightly complains about) is that not many interviewer read her book. Or for that matter any of her books.

Why?  Why only the conservatives? The Culture of Corruption is on the non-fiction best seller list and not one regular(elite, if you like) blog or newspaper, or cable network, other than FOX, has taken the lead and reviewed her new book. Oh, a few comments snip at her heels.

I am sure it is not because of her inability to do research effectively. Much like the racially disturbing book she wrote on the Japanese Interment Camps, which was not only a poor attempt to rewrite history

Whose the Joker here?

Whose the Joker here?

but also a best seller marketing tool. Mrs. Malkin never bothered with an eye of objectivity, meaning she used innuendo based mostly on Operation Magic: decyphered messages intercepted by the United States Government.

 The irony? And the justification? They were so secret, only a handful people knew what they contained. But what they ultimately contained was little or no evidence that any Japanese were involved in spying on America. Further, look at it this way: why put children in these camps? And then why the wide spread hate of the Japanese? Why not the Germans Americans? The Italians Americans? She never seemed to have done enough research to tell her audience that many governors of western States did not want these “rats” and they had no knowledge of these “secret” decryption, which by the way are pretty much silent on who or which (Japanese) were spying on America. And why not review the role of Gen. Dewitt? Who proclaimed a “Jap was a Jap.” And this from the commander of these internment camps? Nice.

 Or is the it more visceral? Liberal news watchers find her offending? Did she use Asian Americans to make a Best seller? Some of those scummy little liberals might say. Why on Earth do you want someone like that on your show? And , as some liberals think that she has made a bestseller out of her new book by making Michelle Obama her little whore?

 Thus Japanese Americans, Michelle Obama become selling points for her book rather then actually doing research. Look how Mathews of Hardball who had her on the show where she tried to assort that Sen. Kerry actually shot himself during the Vietnam War, according to her “sources”. This, ultimately, she could not prove, hence her almost crying fit at the end of the interview.

 It would be simple to say she hates colored people(having said racial background, then getting married to Jesse Malkin and suddenly then disavowing her racial background).That by having and gaining a white man as her husband she as gain the goal of many greedy people(male or female), and not only becoming monetarily successful but racially exorcised.

 Or is it fear? Do some fear actually taking her on? A child of the eighties. What I mean is: she and her (according to some sources, co-author of all her books, Jesse Malkin)took on the PC, political correctness, of the of ’80s campuses and saw a gold mine that keeps on giving. And still gives today. Using the PC of the ’80s which did exist I am sorry to say, because some still use it as an excuse even now to bash other people, as a sort of reverse victimization of all the angry conservative white people. Who can stand up against such a former Asian, who, in fact, says she is only “American” not “Asian?”

And slanders Japanese Americans, immigrants, and strangely with a degree of paranoia that can only appropriated by right wing kkk members, Rachael Ray. And only reason she can do this is because she does look Asian.

Hence the paradox, and the reason she knows(as well as her husband Jesse, who by now is clearly seen as her pimp), that anything she says about either Asians, Mexicans, Rachel Ray, will not really make her look like a racist or as she put it concerning President Obama, “racial opportunist.” Hiding, not hiding behind the color of her skin makes liberals either shake their heads or take some pot (like conservatives all now liberals do!). Now we come to Michelle Obama, which Mrs. Malkin uses as a way to make another best seller.

Why does she hate successful black women?

Is it because Mrs. Malkin, knowing in her heart of hearts that she is white, it is deeply offended to hear a black women criticize the white people that were keeping her down. Implying that in Chicago in the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s there was no racism, and being black and a woman during that time had nothing to do with it, because Mrs. Malkin knows being white woman, that argument does not work because that would imply racism actually existed, not only in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s but in the time of the Japanese Internment Camps.

This is the obvious question after reading Culture of Corruption. It is not much finding evidence that the Obama Administration has done wrong. But rather that because of past alleged cronyism, they will continue what they began in Chicago. Not based on facts, mind you, but on the rhetoric. That “you have to judge them by their rhetoric, and if you look at the gap between the rhetoric and the reality, this has to be one of the most corrupt administrations in recent memory.” Basing corruption on rhetoric? And not facts? What kind of fact checking is that?  However, Mrs. Malkin sinks in deep and tells us that is exactly what will happen. That the America we all love(that is white Americans loved pre-1980’s PC generation of bleeding heart empathizers)will be crushed by these uppity black people that just shuffled dirt and money into their coffers, and will continue to do so while bringing in more poor immigrants from Latin America and Africa and thus ridding America of Americans.

Or is it systemic of something deeper? Pandering to the right is easier(and makes the traffic to her site more palatable)then looking at Michelle Obama with a objective eye. In the eyes of all those white faces that read her blogs, saying that Michelle Obama did not raise her self up, but instead was lifted by white men, despite her own hard work, appeals to a base that think that people of color are just too snippy about how whitey treated minorities. Again, if Michelle Malkin was a real white person which she pretends not to be, then she would be seen as a racist.

 Michelle Malkin, secretly white, but uses her own race to hide that fact she makes money off all the angry white hate out there?

 That is the wonder of America, she can say the President is a racial “opportunist” and while others can call her a hypocrite that uses race to make money or make her husband- pimp, happy.

 It’s the reason we should always support her views, because in the end, truth is out there(somewhen) And using the “B” word to describe her is just lowering one self. Personally, if I wanted to make money in this blog, I would try for subtlety. Instead of using the “B” word as some people do, say that she is “secretly white” so her husband-pimp will always love her. It’s funnier and not as nasty as some Liberals who can’t control their English. Shame on you, Liberals! Get to the most common denominator: She doesn’t want to be white, she just thinks she is white.

 It is the wonder and the blessing of America. We can be anything we want, even if we don’t look a certain color, we can damn well act like we are that color!