Child Shock Video, And The Enslavemnt Of Children: Michelle Malkin And Company use…You know The Drill

September 29, 2009
Save Your kids from being used! Hurry!

Save Your kids from being used! Hurry!

Michelle Malkin while her parent’s home country is being flooded and children die, the pointless Tucker Carlson who compares President Obama to Khmer Rouge, everyone that works for Fox news, believe that a video of children singing during Black History month, Praising President Obama, was a Hitler “indoctrination” video. Of course, never really understanding hypocrisy, you heard complete silence when a pro-Bush video of children singing was unearthed.  I am sure that the conservatives knew that this is a none issue; it’s just that the morons that want to believe in indoctrination will believe it.

           So let’s recap:

Michelle Malkin, the pointless Tucker Carlson, everyone that works for Fox news, never tiring from using children to get at the Democrats or any left leaning human being, are truly like pedophiles. 


Yes, you heard it here first. The Conservative pundits are enslaving our children to crush the left. Prove me wrong!



A Census Worker Dead: Conservatives and Liberals Play Victim, and Whipping Up the Base

September 29, 2009
Far, far left and right: they love keep things Whipped

Far, far left and right: they love keep things Whipped

William E. Sparkman is dead. We don’t know all the details of the Census Worker’s death. We don’t the why and the how. But it never stops those that are so politically polarizing from dragging this man, his family and his friends through the ringer. From Michelle Malkin, who constantly plays the victim of  the left, while goading her followers chase after people she dislikes, to Dan Riehl, who apparently, never even attempted fact-checking or let’s say Google, speculated that Mr. Sparkman had some sexual deviance, or the democratic underground that basically blamed the right for his death.

Meanwhile, the truth has been whipped, torn, and ultimately ruined for all of us all. Poor us


Why We Would Love To Love Michelle Malkin: Even Liberals.

September 23, 2009
Admit it Libs you like this woman!

Admit it Libs you like this woman!


I must admit that my girlfriend is a Filipina. I freely give that information to you. She beautiful, polite and kind.

Which makes the idea of the whole concept of  the Filipina American Michelle Malkin so puzzling, and to many moderate liberals that truly want to be inclusive. This woman makes it too difficult. She destroys public discourse by ridiculing and snipping at the heals others. She assumed what was in President Obama’s speech to the nations children, without knowing the contents of that speech. And that is just one case of many.  It is so hard for libs to understand her thinking. Especially men. They look at her, and Damn, she is so sweet looking, but once that mouth opens, real objectivity loses out. We all lose.

She is gorgeous, smart and  I sometimes admiring her, then sometimes wondering if she is being coached by Satan himself. Yet, what is more important is that other more moderate or lesser dangerous  thinking people can look at her without cringing. Case in point: Howard Kurtz’s Ode to the hoty Michelle Malkin and Lloyd Grove’s softball telephone interview(Malkin’s having been threaten so much because of her inane and poor research and so finds it too scary to go out sometimes.) Both season news men, yet they softly go through the questions, and nothing other than a “Look, how cute and smart and rich she is” is really obtained from both interviews. Although it sounds like I am being mocking. Not on your life! I am proud that people, these two men, in fact, could even do such a thing in the present climate of hate left, hate right.  They represent something Mrs. Malkin could never be accused of: objective(well, mildly) journalism.

Back-To-School Speech=socialism?

September 4, 2009
The Nut Crusade begins?

The Nut Crusade begins?

Have conservatives finally gone over the deep end? Jim Greer, GOP chairman of Florida complained in a news Propaganda release that the president is playing politics and using the children to “spread President Obama’s socialist ideology”., Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck also join the nut crusade on a 15 minute speech. So, tell me, Can these people who have not seen the transcripts of this speech,  read what is in the President’s mind?

In Defense of Children: Malkin Uses Our Children Again And Again

September 2, 2009
Razer wire and children don't mix: A picture that was never in Michelle Malkin's Book on  japanese internment

Razer wire and children don't mix: A picture that was never in Michelle Malkin's Book on japanese internment

Mrs. Malkin has a shiny new toy. Bash the President over the head using children. Trying to anticipate what the president might say in his upcoming address on Sept 8: what the conservatives call a stay-in-school speech, Mrs. Malkin in all her honest objective gossipy best ties him with left wing philosophy, and of course leaving out for the readers any possibility of waiting to hear the speech themselves, and make judgements for themselves.   As if not Stalking children was not enough, now Mrs. Malkin is going after the president. So what is she saying? Schools are not safe for your children anymore because this black president is in charge now?

Remember now this woman as a long history of using children to make her point. Think about how she tries to argue things.

In 2004, she wrote a thinly researched book “In defense of Racism Internment. What she realized, more she took advantage of , was the idea in 2004 people did not know (or cared anymore?) about what happen in 1942 or that the 1980’s ism culture of political correctness had posion young minds. If you do read her book note she does not spend any time talking about the children.  Of the 110,00 half, at least  were children. American children put in internment camps?

The book In defense of Internment Camps is not so much an indictment of Japanese nationals as well as US citizens, but a systematic bashing of the 1980 PC culture in which Mrs. Malkin grew to despise. Rationalizing, like many conservatives that this movement to multicultural, and other “isms”(which this author really never got into) was to blame for the poor victim mentality. It not only made her rich, it is a continuous form she revisit over and over.

This problem is that rationalizing 1942, where the rights of Minorities was slim at best: She never bothered to put it in context. And my contention is that she never bothered to research  indication that there was a hostile atmosphere against the Japanese during that time. What I mean is she Did NO RESEARCH on the idea that racism had something to do the internment camps. Instead she focuses on coded messages from MAGIC. She never even mentions the governors of the Western States and their xenophobic attitude toward the Japanese. Or even looked at the nationals laws during that time. The institutionalized racism of 1942 can never be compared to the strange, and weird 1980’s pop culture of Me!Me!Me! Jim Grow was very much alive during that time.

 Contextual errors does not make for a balanced and objective book, nor does rationalizing using children to make your point.   Every time children are involved in a topic Mrs. Malkin takes on, she spoon feeds people the rational that ” they used children, I can, too.”

Michelle Malkin actually loves Islam

September 1, 2009


Michelle Malkin actually says something nice about Islam?

Michelle Malkin actually says something nice about Islam?


Wonders of wonders, in a 2005 column for the white only,  Christian only website townhall,  Mrs. Malkin tells us something positive about Islam. I just about to give up on her in ability to be objective.  Here are her own words:

Nothing to see here. Move along. Islam is a peaceful religion. Stop asking so many damned questions.

Truly amazing!!!!


                     And I lived to see her say something nice???

Rude Update: Sept 25th.2009, Sorry, she was actually mocking the religion. Taking in the peaceful people along with the more angry wing of Islam, and not distinguishing the difference. Sounds a little like religious intolerence?

Michelle Malkin Blames Obama For Islam

August 30, 2009


"Islam in America? Over my dead body!"

"Islam in America? Over my dead body!"

A few months ago, our queen of fear the Muslims posted this column at townhall. Here is a snippet:

America faces an ongoing Islamic jihad at home and abroad. Not merely “man-caused.” But Koran-inspired. Yet, Obama refuses to spell out the centuries-old roots of the war that he claims he’ll win faster, better and cleaner than any of his predecessors.

Note to self: weird right wing language logic:  since most jihads are made by “man” why even use the word  “caused”? Is there a implication that some people think that Katrina caused the new Jihad??? or something. Since the Koran was written by “man” . . .oh forget it, I am already confused.

Note to self: still waiting for the “islamic Jihad” here in America. MMM I am still Waiting!!!

Another source, but which is yet to be confirmed, says that when Michelle Malkin  learned that Hosni Mubarak would be visiting the White House August 19, she grew angry, and the source which apparently came from  someone that over heard a cell phone conversation of someone else saying at a local bar in a seedy side of Hollywood, Florida. That. . .”Islam is all Obama’s fault.”  And accused his wife, Michelle Obama, not only of being a crony, but also of not dressing like a Real first lady, and that the first lady is ” helping her husband promote Islam.” All of this can not yet be confirmed but boy does that sound like Michelle Malkin.