August 18, 2009


Glenn and Terri

In March of 2005 , Terri  died.  And thus died also the hope of many conservatives of keeping her alive along with their ratings on this issue. Glenn Beck offered to buy(this blog author’s word for it) Terri Shiavo off Richard Shivio’s hands, and this was met with a disgusted. To be fair, Glenn Beck was not  the only one that wanted to buy this woman.

Staged? Would Glenn Beck shell out that kind of do back then?

But now he works for the Fox network, he can certainly afford it. I say we should root for Glenn Beck. We should not condemn him just because he calls the president a “racist”(having no proof of it, and perhaps because of temporary amnesia, forgetting  that President Obama’s  mother and grandmother, both of whom raised him, were white.).  No, we should applaud him.

Not only for trying to turn Terri Shiavo into his on personal prostitute, but spreading unconfirmed or unconfirmable statements about the president being a racist. 

Fear mongering like whore mongering relies on pushing out the products

Listen, the man’s got to make some money!