Michelle Malkin actually loves Islam

September 1, 2009


Michelle Malkin actually says something nice about Islam?

Michelle Malkin actually says something nice about Islam?


Wonders of wonders, in a 2005 column for the white only,  Christian only website townhall,  Mrs. Malkin tells us something positive about Islam. I just about to give up on her in ability to be objective.  Here are her own words:

Nothing to see here. Move along. Islam is a peaceful religion. Stop asking so many damned questions.

Truly amazing!!!!


                     And I lived to see her say something nice???

Rude Update: Sept 25th.2009, Sorry, she was actually mocking the religion. Taking in the peaceful people along with the more angry wing of Islam, and not distinguishing the difference. Sounds a little like religious intolerence?


Michelle Malkin Blames Obama For Islam

August 30, 2009


"Islam in America? Over my dead body!"

"Islam in America? Over my dead body!"

A few months ago, our queen of fear the Muslims posted this column at townhall. Here is a snippet:

America faces an ongoing Islamic jihad at home and abroad. Not merely “man-caused.” But Koran-inspired. Yet, Obama refuses to spell out the centuries-old roots of the war that he claims he’ll win faster, better and cleaner than any of his predecessors.

Note to self: weird right wing language logic:  since most jihads are made by “man” why even use the word  “caused”? Is there a implication that some people think that Katrina caused the new Jihad??? or something. Since the Koran was written by “man” . . .oh forget it, I am already confused.

Note to self: still waiting for the “islamic Jihad” here in America. MMM I am still Waiting!!!

Another source, but which is yet to be confirmed, says that when Michelle Malkin  learned that Hosni Mubarak would be visiting the White House August 19, she grew angry, and the source which apparently came from  someone that over heard a cell phone conversation of someone else saying at a local bar in a seedy side of Hollywood, Florida. That. . .”Islam is all Obama’s fault.”  And accused his wife, Michelle Obama, not only of being a crony, but also of not dressing like a Real first lady, and that the first lady is ” helping her husband promote Islam.” All of this can not yet be confirmed but boy does that sound like Michelle Malkin.

Cheney Accuses Obama of “scaring the hell out of me.”

August 30, 2009


Dick Cheney, The Dark Lord himself, speaks again?

Dick Cheney, The Dark Lord himself, speaks again?

Today, on Fox News Sunday,(the only news outlet he dares go on), he said that Obama “scares the hell out of me” This is in regard to the investigation of Justice Department in to the CIA “interrogations”  Why so glum Mr. Cheney? Afraid they will find your Dark Lord lightsabar?


UPDATE TO POST:  The author of this post would like to offer his apologies for misquoting former vice-president Cheney: Mr. Cheney’s actual responds to the calls for an investigation into “enhanced interrogation techniques” was that he was,  “offended as hell.”  You can see it here.

Then There Is The left: Mike Malloy: He Makes The Conservative Right Sound Conherent

August 29, 2009
Mike Malloy as invisioned by normal Liberals

Mike Malloy as envisioned by normal Liberals

Possibly the greatest gift Air America Radio gave us all was its decision to fire Mike Malloy. I could state many good reasons: incoherency, blusterous, poisonous and torturous use of the English Langauge. In fact, I will go farther. He is so incoherent, the contrived goop you hear from Michelle Malkin, Mr. Limbaugh, and Mr. Hanity sound relatively benign in comparison.

Constantly calling the Bushes(in the Bush Administration days) the “Bush crime family.” I mean not just once in a while, so constant in was painful to listen to. Basically he comes off as so bewildered by his own wondering referencing that he loses focus on an issue.

Another reason to call in the Rubber truck to get him to a Rubber room:

Calling Tim Russert(while he was living): “Media Whore Number One”.  Tim Russert?

He wanted to be there when Glenn Beck commits suicide? Come on.  I mean to a normal lib(believe me they do exist) this man is a disgrace: for he embodies everything we despise about the way right wing conducts it’s radio/tv programs.  But unlike the Conservative radio, Malloy can’t make the big greens that Hanity and Beck can make. Not even close. Why? One reason:  Because too many normal libs find him distasteful. While I am sure many people on the right would  support Glenn Beck even if he put “black face” on and marched around Fox news studio singing “Camptown Races”. Libs, I hope, see what I see in Mike Malloy.

Now, if you can’t find it in your heart to find the man disgraceful and/or incoherent, compare him to how Rush Limbaugh talks to his audience. You may not like what Mr. Limbaugh says, and his obsession with President Clinton’s sexual practices are sort of disturbing, he is an effective speaker.

Let me explain why it’s so hard listening to Mike Malloy and try  to keep what he is saying straight, because as confusing as this moron is, he confuses me even more.

  He sounds Like a hippie totally stoked on some mushroom or weed trying to explain quantum psychics to a child; that’s how bad it is.  And the repetition of words he uses. ” Whore, whore, whore.”

I think too many progressive(including myself) over use that word.  But  Mr. Malloy interjects it so often that  what ever point he is trying to make seemed drowned out by his hyperbolic words.

What I am saying is; although, I believe conservative right is not really furthering the cause of social discourse, liberals like Mike Malloy on the left that should know better, and who for whatever  reason, can not use  reason to persuade their audience but instead uses divisive terminology that increase their volume, but not their coherency:  This I have no use for.

White Face, Black Hand.

August 28, 2009

Fresh from the Gagasphere.

Black man transforms into white man: a republican's dream?

Black man transforms into white man: a republican dream?

I suppose I would put this under: “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?” OR “WHAT THE . . ?”  And further more, why? I don’t think this is particularly a racial issue, although I can see how either left or the right might try to make it so. It just looks like  a bad editing decision? Maybe it should be put under: “Huh?”

Michelle Malkin’s Race Card: Hypocrisy At Its Finest

August 28, 2009


Michelle Malkin proudly displaying her Race Card

Michelle Malkin proudly displaying her Race Card

Close up of her conservative issued(?) Race Card.

Close up of her conservative issued(?) Race Card.

The only time you will ever see Mrs. Malkin use her own race card. It’s when criticized for being a racist. duh!

Why Mrs. Malkin’s Race Card works: here is an ancient post in 2002, by Paul Fallavollita:

Malkin elicits support from many sectors of the Right because Whites feel as though her friendly presence “lets them off the hook.” They tell themselves, “Thank God she’s out there saying what needs to be said about the immigration problem, so now we can let her do the work and just point to her as a Filipina in our defense when the liberals whip out the race card on us.” Whites are using Malkin to absolve themselves of their natural responsibility to fight their own battles, and to salve their consciences at the same time. They need not feel embarrassed by their cowardice as long as Malkin is there on the beat. What a spectacle, though—a transplanted Filipina pulling America’s chestnuts out of the fire.

This predates  Mrs. Malkin’s poorly researched and revisionist book on internment camps.

Her objective book, Unhinged in 2005, showed that she had, indeed,  a softer side(for herself).  Complaining that the racism was aimed at her(and of course,  rationalized her own treatment of other people) In one chapter called “You are one sick gook.” And talking as a lib, I can only say that it’s disappointing that such talk comes out of the lefts’ mouth. But, equally you will also hear such talk from the right(you won’t hear that from Mrs. Malkin? not as long as she as her white man by her side, anyway) Is this her race card? You bet.  And she will use it over and over and over, etc.

Census 2010: Michelle Malkin Again Uses Children: And Malkinbots Respond?

August 27, 2009



Catering to semi-racist, and conspiracies of government take over of schools, Mrs, Malkin again is attempting to substitute fact with innuendo. Yes, you guessed it. She uses fear for the children defense. Why is she always using children? You think she is doing it for libs like me? No way. It’s for the people that make her money on her site.

Again, Mrs. Malkin distorts, and propagates gossip that most be at least Jim Crow age bias: meaning appeal to people still living pre-civil rights era.

What Mrs. Malkin failed to mention in another story in USA Today. I am sure she just  “over looked it.”

 To count them, the Census Bureau first has to find them. Complicating the task is a widespread climate of suspicion about personal data landing in the wrong hands and government’s increased surveillance power.

 Much of the unease is engendered by the growing problem of identity theft and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. New anti-terrorism measures such as the Patriot Act expanded the authority of law enforcement agencies here and abroad. The Census vows confidentiality, but new state and local laws that aim to crack down on undocumented immigrants are making even some legal immigrants nervous.

It appears that this one of the reason that the Census department is trying get the word out, even in schools: Fear.

The title of her blog,  implying that kids in school will be the new census “collectors”, is as misleading as much of her “fact finding” is. 

Even in her blog she quotes, stupidly actually, from the USA Today article, which is free of any gossipy none facts, clearly states its promotional only. This countrdicts the inane title she chose to use. I betting that most of the people that read her blog have no concept how the Census is performed.  I am quoting, in part, once again what Mrs. Malkin used.

The goal is to send posters, teaching guides, maps and lesson plans to every school in the nation, Puerto Rico and U.S. island territories to encourage everyone to participate in the national count. The materials will land in more than 118,000 schools and reach 56 million students. “It’s great to reach the children because children are such strong voices in their homes,” says Renee Jefferson-Copeland, chief of the Census schools program. “In households that are linguistically isolated, they can express the information to their parents.”

Notice something she forgot? Yet another reason for promoting the 2010 Census in the first place. “In households that are linguistically isolated, they can express the information to their parents.”

If she knew what it might have been like to be a immigrant, or no, if her husband did not  ghost-writing for her again, the idea of  using schools to discuss the 2010 Census seems like a good idea.

Now, If you are resilient enough to scroll down to the comment section, you will find a whole-in-the-head Malkinbots throwing around a lot of nothing. But, of course, they have that constitutional right, just as the constitution mandates the Census every ten years.

Notice the barbs she sends out: forcing gossipy goop down your throat.(without any evidence, by the way.) Here is a snippet from Mrs. Malkin’s blog on the 2010 Census:

If Team Obama could send their ACORN foot soldiers into taxpayer-funded schools to collect Census data, they would

Wow, facts? Just playing on the fears of conservatives without evidence?  Mrs. Malkin,  tries to assert that somehow ACORN is part of the Obama Administration? Could I tempt people to believe that Blackwater was a military arm of the Bush administration in Iraq  by just saying it? Yes, if my whole intent was to replace gossip and innuendo as fact.

 Now, Mrs. Malkin  and the other truth deniers are not only conservatives that distrust the 2010 Census, it is just about everyone else.

Being what the Gagasphere is there are others like Malkin, who might have joined the bandwagon of paranoia to garner some traffic to her site. However, this Gagasphere is  full of painfully misinformed bigots, well informed bigots, insane leftists, insane rightists, who is wrong? who is right?

An important note here, and something that Mrs. Malkin also forgot  did not mention.

It’s FREE!!!

The 2010 Census, like the census before them, is not something that is forced on individual Americans or legal or illegal immigrants. But don’t be surprised that the Republicans, although squeamish about  the census, will take it. Why, of course, it’s about the money.