O’REIllY’S EGO SHOW,AGAIN? The real Tiller Killer tries mocking a mocker.

August 22, 2009
Bill O'Reilly and his Pimp

Bill O'Reilly and his Pimp

Given up true journalism after leaving CBS, O’Reilly seemed to hit his stride in the ego enhancement that is conservative talk radio. Taking a rule book from Rush Limbaugh:  Forget fact checking and the truth, and even more importantly make your program a circus that is totally geared to make money.

And then when Fox comes along and makes him their little whore, well, it was match made in Heaven.

The important thing to remember when viewing O’Reilly’s show: he really doesn’t care about the issues. He cares that his demographic cares. Dixie chicks? No, never cared about them. But his demographic  despises any critique, true or not, of President Bush. So he went after them.

With Dr. George Tiller, O’Reilly’s  on going slander and name calling(which i reciprocate here rather liberally) of this man. His demographic needed him again. And again. And after Tiller was assassinated? He blamed  Joan Walsh of Salon? It is not that he hates Joan Walsh or even Dr. Tiller, but having Joan Walsh on his show so he could treat her like a whore, made his show and his demographic rise. 

There is no doubt he is a good business man, amassing a fortune on the body of Dr. Tiller, and others. And it’s always fascinating to watch someone  that spends so much time pandering to an audience that is too dull to see through him.

On the Aug. 19 Episode of the Daily Show,  Jon Stewart points out the ironic shift reflected in Fox News. Supporting people at the health care town halls, yet mocking and ridiculing Iraq protesters years previously.  They are liberals now.

I think it’s important to point out that Bill O’Reily is a very well educated man. He has a masters degree in both public Administration and broadcast journalism.  The fact he can use gutter language,  paparazzi techniques and  yelling pointlessly at his guest, is sort of misleading. He seems quite aware of his lowered level and ultimate decaying journalism. If you had seen the man in the early 1980’s, would you have recognised him? 

But what you see now is a man that decided to take the check. He took the money and damned any qualifications for journalistic standards. 

And what is so telling when he tries to mock a mocker like Jon Steward? He is not talking to all of us, but the poor sheep; yes his demographics that do not have a clue to what irony and hypocrisy-laced  humor might be.

It is not doubt that O’Reilly knows exactly what Steward was saying.  But to admit to that would bring down his rating.  Now why would he do that?

Bill O’Reilly makes the case for the pocket book. This is no dummy, he just “acts”  like one on TV.



August 19, 2009
M v.s M? or Is it just in Malkin's $$$ mind?

M v.s M? or Is it just in Malkin's $$$ mind?

The First Lady of  Half-Truths, Michelle Malkin, is at it again. Selling her book is a job that is never done!!! 

She “reports” on her blog that Michelle Obama has caught the eye of  the Washington Republicans and that [they]  are “taking a renewed interests in the role Mrs. O and her Chicago crony friends.”

 Quick translation: I don’t have any real “sources” to prove that Michelle Obama is corrupt or was involved in “dumping” of patients in her last career, but if the National Spectator says it’s true, then you know it must be.

Mrs. Malkin, however, always treading between “could of been a very good Journalist” and that of a incompetent commentator obsessed with making large amounts of cash, facts be damned! did sight the Washington Post, perhaps blinded by the kid gloves that they often treat her with. This report  is actually a more balanced and thoughtful story then you would ever get from someone only interested in politics as a monetary source of income.

What they did report is much different. That the Urban Health Initiative that Michelle Obama helped launch, is not quite working well. Ya, ok, it sucks? Maybe. The report in the Washington Post, and if Mrs. Malkin was paying attention, states “Those involved in the effort in Chicago say that they are hopeful but that it is too soon to judge its success.”

No where in the report do you hear the word “crony”.

So the First Lady Of Half-Truths is after Michelle Obama, why?

Does Mrs Malkin, who has stated that she is an American, not Asian, hates her, No. But her readers do. A black First Lady. My God!

It must be the continued ire of those bent on believing black people want to  “get back at whitey.” And are not proud of this country until a black president was elected. I am sure Michelle Malkin knows exactly how to feed the rabid mouth of Michelle Obama haters.

Also, in her Blog, she makes the Michelle V.S Michelle claim. Or really?

Another Quick translation:  Can you see Michelle Obama, frowning then crinkle her nose, and say in a puzzled way, “Malkin who?” Damn you First Lady for totally ignoring me. I got to make money off you!!!

Go Gett”em Mrs. Malkin: go make money of the half-truths of Michelle Obama.  It’s never a disgrace to be a bottom feeder: anyway you can make money legally in this country, then even bottom feeders have a right to write.