In Defense of Children: Malkin Uses Our Children Again And Again

September 2, 2009
Razer wire and children don't mix: A picture that was never in Michelle Malkin's Book on  japanese internment

Razer wire and children don't mix: A picture that was never in Michelle Malkin's Book on japanese internment

Mrs. Malkin has a shiny new toy. Bash the President over the head using children. Trying to anticipate what the president might say in his upcoming address on Sept 8: what the conservatives call a stay-in-school speech, Mrs. Malkin in all her honest objective gossipy best ties him with left wing philosophy, and of course leaving out for the readers any possibility of waiting to hear the speech themselves, and make judgements for themselves.   As if not Stalking children was not enough, now Mrs. Malkin is going after the president. So what is she saying? Schools are not safe for your children anymore because this black president is in charge now?

Remember now this woman as a long history of using children to make her point. Think about how she tries to argue things.

In 2004, she wrote a thinly researched book “In defense of Racism Internment. What she realized, more she took advantage of , was the idea in 2004 people did not know (or cared anymore?) about what happen in 1942 or that the 1980’s ism culture of political correctness had posion young minds. If you do read her book note she does not spend any time talking about the children.  Of the 110,00 half, at least  were children. American children put in internment camps?

The book In defense of Internment Camps is not so much an indictment of Japanese nationals as well as US citizens, but a systematic bashing of the 1980 PC culture in which Mrs. Malkin grew to despise. Rationalizing, like many conservatives that this movement to multicultural, and other “isms”(which this author really never got into) was to blame for the poor victim mentality. It not only made her rich, it is a continuous form she revisit over and over.

This problem is that rationalizing 1942, where the rights of Minorities was slim at best: She never bothered to put it in context. And my contention is that she never bothered to research  indication that there was a hostile atmosphere against the Japanese during that time. What I mean is she Did NO RESEARCH on the idea that racism had something to do the internment camps. Instead she focuses on coded messages from MAGIC. She never even mentions the governors of the Western States and their xenophobic attitude toward the Japanese. Or even looked at the nationals laws during that time. The institutionalized racism of 1942 can never be compared to the strange, and weird 1980’s pop culture of Me!Me!Me! Jim Grow was very much alive during that time.

 Contextual errors does not make for a balanced and objective book, nor does rationalizing using children to make your point.   Every time children are involved in a topic Mrs. Malkin takes on, she spoon feeds people the rational that ” they used children, I can, too.”


White Face, Black Hand.

August 28, 2009

Fresh from the Gagasphere.

Black man transforms into white man: a republican's dream?

Black man transforms into white man: a republican dream?

I suppose I would put this under: “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?” OR “WHAT THE . . ?”  And further more, why? I don’t think this is particularly a racial issue, although I can see how either left or the right might try to make it so. It just looks like  a bad editing decision? Maybe it should be put under: “Huh?”

Michelle Malkin’s Race Card: Hypocrisy At Its Finest

August 28, 2009


Michelle Malkin proudly displaying her Race Card

Michelle Malkin proudly displaying her Race Card

Close up of her conservative issued(?) Race Card.

Close up of her conservative issued(?) Race Card.

The only time you will ever see Mrs. Malkin use her own race card. It’s when criticized for being a racist. duh!

Why Mrs. Malkin’s Race Card works: here is an ancient post in 2002, by Paul Fallavollita:

Malkin elicits support from many sectors of the Right because Whites feel as though her friendly presence “lets them off the hook.” They tell themselves, “Thank God she’s out there saying what needs to be said about the immigration problem, so now we can let her do the work and just point to her as a Filipina in our defense when the liberals whip out the race card on us.” Whites are using Malkin to absolve themselves of their natural responsibility to fight their own battles, and to salve their consciences at the same time. They need not feel embarrassed by their cowardice as long as Malkin is there on the beat. What a spectacle, though—a transplanted Filipina pulling America’s chestnuts out of the fire.

This predates  Mrs. Malkin’s poorly researched and revisionist book on internment camps.

Her objective book, Unhinged in 2005, showed that she had, indeed,  a softer side(for herself).  Complaining that the racism was aimed at her(and of course,  rationalized her own treatment of other people) In one chapter called “You are one sick gook.” And talking as a lib, I can only say that it’s disappointing that such talk comes out of the lefts’ mouth. But, equally you will also hear such talk from the right(you won’t hear that from Mrs. Malkin? not as long as she as her white man by her side, anyway) Is this her race card? You bet.  And she will use it over and over and over, etc.